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Ordering your Christmas Tree

We haven't opened for taking orders just yet. Please come back in December and we'll be ready then...

Conveniently order and pay for your Christmas Tree here and we will have it ready for you to collect. Just bring proof of purchase, either printed or on your mobile phone.

Nordman Fir

nordman fir2

This is the most popular Christmas tree in the UK. It has a classic Christmas tree shape, excellent needle retention and soft, long, dark green needles. It is pruned annually by hand to maintain it’s shape and improve density.

Norway Spruce

norway spruce

The traditional Christmas tree! When pruned, it has the ideal shape and density for a Christmas tree and is significantly less expensive than the Nordman and Fraser Fir. It is not as good at retaining needles as the other species, although if cut freshly and treated properly by putting it into a water holding stand, it will last well.

Tips for keeping your cut tree fresh for as long as possible

  • Before bringing your tree indoors, it is an advantage if about an inch is cut off the butt in order to open the pores of the tree (like you would do with a bouquet of flowers).
  • Mount it in a water holding stand or wedge it in a bucket with pebbles or small stones.
  • Place the tree away from direct heat.
  • Keep the container topped up with water every day; you will be surprised how much it needs.

All our trees are measured, graded and clearly labelled so you can be sure you are receiving the tree you ordered.



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