Wholesale Christmas Trees

With over 1 million growing christmas trees, we are able to cater for every outlet whether large commercial operations or small retailers. We pride ourselves in the quality of tree produced and take great care to ensure that every tree reaches the market in optimum condition. Understanding that freshness is the most important factor in minimising needledrop, we have developed a system that can guarantee that the trees are cut, processed and delivered in the minimum timeframe possible

Nordman Fir

Gade A - Nordman Fir

This is the most popular Christmas tree in the UK. It has a classic Christmas tree shape, excellent needle retention and soft, long, dark green needles. It is pruned annually by hand to maintain it’s shape and improve density.

Norway Spruce

Grade A - Norway Spruce

The traditional Christmas tree! When pruned, it has the ideal shape and density for a Christmas tree and is significantly less expensive than the Nordman and Fraser Fir. It is not as good at retaining needles as the other species, although if cut freshly and treated properly by putting it into a water holding stand, it will last well.

Fraser Fir

Grade A - Fraser Fir

Often described as looking like a Norway Spruce, with the improved needle retention of a Nordman fir, this tree also smells divine! It can suffer from a less regular appearance than other varieties, although this is more than outweighed by it’s other qualities.

Lodgepole Pine

lodgepole pine

If you are looking for great needle retention at a low cost, then this is your tree! It has long green needles and a dense appearance although it sometimes does not conform to the neat conical shape of a traditional Christmas tree!

Why Buy From Us?

Over 95% of our trees are sold wholesale, dispatched from our yard in Central Scotland. All trees are graded, netted and palletised, before being placed on a lorry for delivery. We have all of the commonly found species, of the right quality, in large volumes. By supplying direct to the retail outlets, we are able to ensure a freshly cut, affordable product, tailored to suit the individual customer’ s requirements. Please contact us asap to arrange a guided tour of the plantations.

Cutting & Preparation

Whatever the conditions, we will work tirelessly to ensure that you get freshly cut trees which reach you in optimum condition!

Attention to detail

Wholesale christmas tree shaping

Each tree is individually  marked and graded for size and quality before harvest. We encourage our customers to come and inspect their trees once they have been marked, prior to felling.


christmas tree trade netting

If you like something you do it well. The quality of our product is always our primary concern. Having nurtured our trees for nearly a decade, we meticulously control every stage of the harvesting process.


Christmas tree safe transport for easy collection

Trees need carefully handled if they are to remain in good condition from field to store. Our Field pallets are the optimum way in which to do this.

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